22:00 - May God be praised, exalted, honored for everything that happened this day - a day to remember. A day that marked families, ministries, Churches, authorities and prophetically, transformed our city and country. May God bless you with the anoiting and power we saw and felt today. Until the next broadcast event! March for Jesus 2015, 1 year from now! God bless you!
21:56 - With this last praise and prayer, the March for Jesus 2014 comes to an end.
21:30 - Renascer Praise begins praising the Lord, performing a medley with a few of the most popular songs. Few minutes away from the end of the March for Jesus, the streets are still crowded!
21:28 - The worship group Renascer Praise is now live on stage. Led by Bishop Sonia Hernandes, the group is one of the biggest in the world.
21:07 - Banda do PA praising the Lord with the traditional rhythm of "axe music".
20:40 - Inesquecivel rock band, led by Apostle Estevam Hernandes, plays and praises the Lord. The crowd sings along with enthusiasm and joy.
20:32 - Apostle Estevam preaches the Word of God and the salvation in Jesus's name. Touching and powerful.
20:26 - Dan e Daniel, live praising the Lord!

07 de junho
saída do metrô Luz
às 10h da manhã

june 7th. at 10 am.
starts at "luz" station

CONCENTRAÇão na praça da f.e.b campo de marte
zona norte de são Paulo

concert in "campo de marte" north side of sao paulo