“If my people, on whom my name is named, make themselves low and come to me in prayer, searching for me and turning from their evil ways; then I will give ear from heaven, overlooking their sin, and will give life again to their land.” – 2 Chronicles 7.14

“For where two or three are come together in my name, there am I among them” – Matthew 18.20


The March for Jesus is much more than a peaceful manifestation; it is a prophetic act, marked by praises and prayers of a people who believe in the gospel’s transforming power.

For over 20 years, millions of people go out on the streets of the capital of São Paulo, with their written prayers inside their shoes.

“Faith and love are strengths more powerful of the universe. At the March for Jesus, we manifest our faith and love for Christ! We show that the prayer of a good man is full of power!”, declared Apostle Estevam Hernandes, president of the event in Brazil.

Suzana Madalena participates of the manifestation for years as a form of gratitude for the miracles she has lived in her family. “My daughter-in-law, Jaqueline, dreamed about getting pregnant, but she couldn’t get it at all. In 2014, I told her: ‘Let’s march for this purpose, let’s prophesy, because God can transform this situation!’. She and my son marched with me. In less than two months, she miraculously got pregnant. In the following year, we made a point that Arthur, our little big miracle, to march with us to thank God”, she reported.

One of Samara Cristina’s purposes of prayer was her emotional restoration. “My dream always was to have a family. This was one of my requests. Today, I’m married and very happy!”, she declared.

Daniele Conpre marched for the same reason and, today, participates of the event with her husband: “In 2012, I marched for my emotional life. I was near the stage and I received a prayer from  Bishop Sonia Hernandes. In 2015, I married. In 2016, I got pregnant. In 2017, our son was born. Today, we marched with the complete Family.

The sellers couple Thiago and Anália attained the dream to get pregnant. “We had a serious problem of infertility, and God healed us at the March for Jesus!”.

Elisangela Alvez received a release of a job’s opportunity. “I march for Jesus since 2004 and I’ve been living miracles in every area. The most recent miracle was a release of an honor job’s opportunity!, she celebrated.

The singer Soraya Moraes march for Jesus since she was 18, and she has lived many miracles. “The testimony that most marked me happened at the March of 1999. At that time, I sang the songs of my first CD, and I was recently cured of depression. I didn’t want to sing anymore, I was sick, but, when I got on March’ stage, I saw what God wanted for me… watching the people singing a new song, it was, definitely, an amazing experience. I have lived a lot of miracles in the event”, she affirmed.


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