4.800 caravans went to the March for Jesus this year – double compared
to the last edition of the event.

came from Rio de Janeiro, Bahia, Piauí, Santa Catarina, Minas Gerais, Amazonas,
Rondônia, Goiás, Rio Grande do Norte, Paraná, Rio Grande do Sul, Goiás and
others brazillian states.

manifestation brought churches from all of the country, as Renascer em Cristo,
Evangelho Quadrangular, Mundial do Poder de Deus, Universal do Reino de Deus,
Bíblica da Paz, Sara Nossa Terra, Plenitude do Trono de Deus, Bola de Neve
Church, Batistas , Metodistas (do Brasil, Independentes, Wesleyanas and
others), Assembleias de Deus (diverses ministries), Presbiterianas , Fonte de
Vida, Comunhão Plena, Deus É Amor, O Brasil para Cristo, Aliança da Paz,
Leaders and Apotles from Meximo, Argentina, Chile, Paraguai, United Statess, Israel
and 12 African countries.

Check out some
testimonials of participants:

“It is the largest March for Jesus
in the world. We  will see this in other continents. Brazil has motivated
us ”- Apostle Carlos Quiroa, Mexico. 

“Being here is  great . See the
Israel flag being raised here is a great joy. This March is biblical. The Bible
unites nations. This is the March of Unity ”- Jossi Eldar, Israel.

“I Went to go to all the editions
of the event. We are living the apostolic move and taking the gospel to other
nations ”- Bishop  Betão which currently carries out missionary work
in Africa.

“The march of this year is
incredible, I go since from the beginning it was in 1993 and today I come here
to cover the Mundial Church. And I have seen over time the large proportion
that it has been going; God has worked and shown us that he is with us, we are
the body of Christ, all sharing and following Christ ”- Carla Viana,
Igreja Mundial do poder de Deus.

Tradução: Karina Nunes