March for Jesus is a family event, people of God on the strees, like Moises marched with the people, geting out of Egyptian slavery, we also march. Free, the Jewish people start their path to the promised land and we march to the heaven.

We’re free
from demonic bondage, such as addictions, drugs,  dolatry , religious and
confusion of our identity before God who created us as holy men and women

In March for
Jesus , the people of God are manifest declaring that Jesus Christ is Lord and
the only to be worshiped and acclaimed by all nations .

Without any
kind of division or factionalism , the Church of Jesus Christ are on the
streets , dancing , singing and demonstrating the power of healing and
transformation of life that only Jesus Christ lays on his people, for those
whom he shed his blood .

stops the Redemptive work of Jesus Christ”, said Apostle Estevam Hernandes

Below , some
transformation reports and achievements experienced by people of God .

not a dream …. It’s true! 

“ In
2016 my family is in the house of the Lord and together we are marching ,
thanking and claming to the Lord to pour more and more of his anointing on this
nation , which has been lost in so many social confusion , spiritual , political,
economic and others… ” Maria Ines

joy of Marching for Jesus

“The March
for Jesus brings us  the joy of confirmation that we are beloved children
of the Lord , and as heirs we have the right to declare on the streets of São
Paulo that Jesus is the only Lord of our lives. “ says Maria de Oliveira.

souls’ desire

” In
2014 we marched with requests on our feet, praying to the Lord the desire of
our souls , that was our wedding. At the end of the year, everything was done
and we had the wedding and the party of our dreams. We are grateful to Jesus
for it. “ Said the couple Ciro and Ailane .

diarist and won a trip to Portugal.

” My
boss gave me a trip to Portugal . Many years marching and crying out to the
Lord for the salvation of my family. “ Said Maria de Lourdes Amancio

leg healing

” I
always wanted to march to Jesus without pain , and I cried for this miracle and
in 2013 I was cured of febrite on my legs. Today I am healed and that’s why I’m
marching with my family . There are many miracles that my family witnessed.
“  said Solando dos Reis Goncalves

Family restoration

” I prayed for over ten years for the conversion
of my mother, who didn’t want to know Jesus. Through the prayers on my
feet , she converted . She isn’t in the Renascer Church , but remains in the
ways of the Lord and I am very happy because my family march to Jesus. “
Fernanda Souza said

won all the stages in working life 

always wanted to win stages of formation in my professional life, and every
year I placed my order on my feet . I marched on them and  were many years
studying with difficulty and in this year 2016 I completed my doctorate in
honor. ” Said Ligia Passos. 

Tradução: Amanda Nunes