Hundreds of children opened
March for Jesus. The party and animation was done by the presenters of 
“Renascer Kids” – Gospel Network of Television’s program dedicated to children
public -, Milena and professor Xuxu. 

For children safety, during
the route, a specialized team did an isolation rope around the people. Everyone
was in company by a responsible adult. According the event’s organization, no
children desapeared.

“Kids March” became a
tradition already. Like in the other editions, kids got interested by the
event, that made their parents enter in this party. Children was with their
customized T-shirts, stylish hair and painted faces.

“Jesus is everything in our
lives. Teaching them since always, this faith will never go out them”, said
Suzana, that insisted to bring her son.

“Bringing my son here is a
privilege and a thank to God by the victories He has given to us”, declared

Thierry is only 11 and understands
the importance of this walking. “I like to praise God because He sacrificed his
son in love for us and also teaches us how to have a good future”, stated de

Fernanda came from Suzano
city and tells that marches for Jesus since she was pregnant. “It’s gratifying
see my son, since my venter, felling God’s power”.

In addition to the electric
trio with children gospel songs, the organization of “Kids March” released
little trains to parents and children convenience. The “Babies’ car bloc” was
also a feature this year.

 You can see,
Bellow, some images of the manifestation:

Tradução: Diego Bezerra