March for Jesus happens on Thursday

With the theme “Glory to the Alpha and Omega”, the 24th edition of the March for Jesus happens on the streets of São Paulo this Thursday, May 26th,  national holiday.

Presided by the Apostle Estevam Hernandes, the march is a peaceful demonstration, is open to the public, and brings together all Christian churches.


“The real feeling is
to honor Jesus Christ this is what brings so many people. Even after so many
years, the event continues to impact. This shows the growth of the gospel in
the country. It is a great answer of prayer and a result of many years of work.
The March for Jesus was not created to exalt any man; it is the expression of
the move of the Holy Spirit, our love for Jesus and a prophetic act, "said
Apostle Estevam.

"March is the result
of the dedication of people who paid a price for the gospel to be preached in
this country and the name of the Lord be glorified. Currently, the March for
Jesus happens in the main cities all over Brazil. If we combined the audience
of all the March editions, certainly we would have a monstrous event and no
doubt, the largest concentration in the world. Just in São Paulo, we already
have the world’s largest event. It is a spontaneous demonstration, "he

"March for Jesus began
when the Holy Spirit came upon the apostles and they went to the streets of
Jerusalem, bringing salvation and life. It is a prophetic act in which we
demonstrate the authority of Jesus Christ and what we believe,” he


The walk begins at 10 am,
at the Luz Subway Station (central region). Participants will be led by dozens
of float parade toward the Praças dos heróis of the Brazilian Expeditionary
Force, near the Campo de Marte, in the north zone of the town where the
concerts will be located.

Will be more than 10 hours of worship with greatest national gospel
music, Renascer Praise, Thalles Roberto, Diante do Trono, Damares, Aline
Barros, Leonardo Gonçalves, Pedras Vivas, ao cubo, Gui Rebustini, Tonzão,
Katsbarnea, Banda DOPA, Juliana Santiago, Felipe Lancaster, Marcelo Aguiar,
Soraya Moraes, Esyhila, Gabriela Rocha, Bruna Karla, Kleber Lucas, Robin Mark,
Bella & Vittor, as well as international attraction Global Force Music.

A walk of

“if my
people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray
and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will
hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will
heal their land..” – 2 Chronicles 7: 14

where two or three are gathered in my name, there I am” – Matthew 18: 20.

The March for Jesus is a
prophetic act, known by the praise of a people who believe in the transforming
power of the gospel.

For over 20 years, millions
of people go to the streets of São Paulo, with their prayer requests.

“Prayer is a powerful
tool, is a spiritual result, which is not immediate, but it happens over time.
We see it manifesting in people with healing and deliverance, "said
Apostle Estevam.

"I have the habit of
marching with prayers resquests inside my sneakers. Every year, I live special
experiences and miracles. One of the requests I always do is the growth of my
ministry, and I have lived it every day. For me, the March for Jesus is a
little piece of heaven on earth, "the gospel singer Soraya Moraes, who
participates in the march since 18 years old.

This year, the organizers
developed a sock made of paper for participants  write their requests and
put on shoes before the Walk.


Live broadcast 

The March for Jesus will be transmitted in real time through the stations: Rede Gospel Television, Ideal TV – during programming of the Mundial do Poder de Deus Church- and Radio Gospel FM. 

International networks TBN Enlace TV and will coverage the event. 

On the official site of the March for Jesus in iGospel portal and on YouTube, you can also follow the event.

Children take the first steps in faith in the "March Kids”

“Train up a child in the path he should go, and even when old not depart from it” – Proverbs 22.6

Jesus said, “Come to me the little ones, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven” – Matthew 19:14

In March for Jesus, joy is contagious, and the fun is guaranteed, especially for children. During the event, they can take their first steps in faith accompanied by parents, by a float mounted especially for this audience, the famous train sets and a dance group.


As in other editions, this year, there will also be a reserved place for the “baby strollers block."The Kids march will start with the official march at 10 am. All the way, a specialized team makes a cordon around the participants.

The ideal, according to the organization of the event is that all should come to subway Luz station around 9 hours.

"The ‘March Kids’ opens the March for Jesus. We stand in front of the main event Float at 9 am, one hour before the event starts. Our Float will be the first of March for Jesus, everyone can participate with their children peaceful and safe, "says Pastor Paula Vilar, responsible for the ‘March Kids’.

the fun will be the responsibility of the entertainers of the "Renascer Kids” – Network attraction of Rede Gospel dedicated to children – and Professor Milena Xuxu.

Guidelines for children and their families march safely:

– Place a badge with the
child’s name and the data of the responsible (name and mobile phone);

– Have a breakfast _ _;

– Wear lightweight,
comfortable clothing;

– Use comfortable shoes;

– Use sun cap;

– Use sun block even when
it is cold and cloudy;

– Take raincoats;

– Drink water;

– Bring a snack for
children (fruit, juice, crackers …);

– Have a roll of toilet
paper or tissue;

– Keep your children always
around (the Kids officials are not allowed to stay with children);

– Do not leave your
children with strangers.

Christian manifestation also promotes social inclusion

The March for Jesus has
thousands of volunteers who are divided into several coordinating groups, one
of them is the PNE, responsible for helping people with special needs during
the event.

Wheelchair users, people
with reduced mobility or visual impairment can enjoy the concerts in a reserved
area next to the stage.

They can also count on the
support of SPTrans Services, that will transport them starting 10 am from the
Tiete subway station to the stage of the March for Jesus.

It is important
to emphasize that they must be accompanied by an adult.

The deaf will be monitored
throughout the event – from the walk to the last concert – by interpreters of
Libras (Brazilian Sign Language). The meeting point will be the Tiradentes
subway station, from 10 am.

Contact for more
information: (11) 4127-3973 9 (WhatsApp)

CET deploys special operation for the day March for Jesus


Faced with the
implementation of the March for Jesus, the axis of Avenida Tiradentes and Av
Santos Dumont, promoted by the Christian Church Apostolic Reborn in Christ, the
Municipal Transport -.. SMT, through CET, produced special scheme for the
traffic operation, adjacencies and alternative routes during the period of the
event in order to provide safe and satisfactory traffic conditions.

The event is a walk with 11
sound cars, that will go along the Av. Tiradentes and Av. Santos Dumont, from
the Praça da Luz Praças dos Herois of the Brazilian Expeditionary Force, where
there will be musical concerts and worship.

Changes in the road system

road interdictions are as

Av. Tiradentes, between Praça da Luz and R. Bandeirantes, track

Santana / Airport

 26/05/16: From 6 a.m
to 9 a.m just one lane.

08h00 to 14h00: Local Track
and expressed

• Av. Santos Dumont,
between R. Bandeirantes and Av. State track direction

Santana / Airport

Day 26/05/16, from 08 A.M
to 02 P.M

• Av. Santos Dumont,
between Av. State and Av. Pedro Leon Schneider, both


Day 05/26/16, from 09 A.M
to 03 P.M

• Av. Santos Dumont,
between Av. Av. Pedro Leon Schneider and Av. Braz Leme, both directions

00:01 am the day of
05/26/16 to 01.00 the day 27/05/16.

Deactivation leisure bike

The North Zone leisure bike
lane is disabled, full-time, in the following passage:… Av Santos Dumont Av
Gen. Pedro Leon Schneider and part of Av Gen. Leonel Ataliba

(Between Dr. R. Zuquim and
R. Volunteers of the Homeland), being held in the operating return

Av. Gen. Leonel Ataliba x R. Dr. Zuquim.

Public transportation:

Changes to the collective
public transport system may be obtained by


For subway loyal users, use
the Luz Station.

For “caravans”:

a) The Parking should be in
the following ways:

• R January 25

• R. Mauá

• R. Florencio de Abreu

The landing should not be
held at Av. Tiradentes, Av. Santos Dumont or

Marginals. The vehicles
will be subject to supervision.

b) Parking of charter bus
will be at Av. Olavo Fontoura, 1500 (land of


alternative paths

Alternative paths to the
interdictions on the south side of the Rio Tiete, direction


To the direction of the
South Zone:

• Av. Cruzeiro do Sul

• Av. State

• Av. Senador Queiroz,
returning to the north / south axis, Av. Francisco Prestes Maia

Alternative to reach the Ibirapuera or Airport:

• Casa Verde Bridge

• Av. Abraham Ribeiro

• Av. Mq. St. Vincent

• Av. Sumaré and Av. Paul VI

• Av. Henrique Schaumann and Av. Brazil

• Av. Pedro Alvares Cabral

• Av. Rubem Berta

To the direction of the
North Zone:

• Av. Tiradentes

• R. Pedro Vicente

• Av. Cruzeiro do Sul

Alternative paths to the
prohibitions on the north side of the Rio Tiete :

• Av. Braz Leme

• Av. Cruzeiro do Sul

operating scheme

GET-CN and GET-MB will be
organizing the traffic around the surroundings of the event and adjacent roads.

Therefore, traffic agents
were available, in coordination activities,

traffic monitoring and

There will be over 120
employees throughout the period coordination, supervision,

routes and operational
points of locks, maneuvering and control traffic.

Material resources for
signaling (provided by applicant)

 -929 easels

– 119 cylinders (supercones)

 -1740 Meters fences

 -31 Guide tracks

Recommendations to the

– Look previously know the
access roads;

– Give preference to the
use of public transportation (subway, bus and taxi);

– Follow the traffic signs;

– Do not be fooled by false
directions or intimidation keepers of vehicles;

– If you need to ask for
directions, do so as not to disrupt the flow of traffic;

– No embarkation /
disembarkation double or away from the curb line;

– Pedestrian cross the
track and use the walkway;

– If in doubt, call a
traffic officer on site or call 1188;

– Observe the traffic
technical: they are contributing to your safety and comfort;

– Give preference to life:
respect the pedestrian.

Subway information for the March for Jesus Day


CPTM reported that in the March day to Jesus, May 26, Lines 7 – Ruby, 8 – Diamond, 11 – Coral and 12 – Sapphire will be with bigger intervals than normal (average of maximum 20 minutes), due to some interdictions. To attend the increasing demand of users on the station platforms, due to the event, the trains will be available at strategic points in the CPTM system, throughout the period of the event.


March for Jesus 2016

Date: May 26

Point of Meeting: at 10 am, the Metro Light Station

Concentration: Square Heroes of FEB 

Official website:



YouTube Channel:

Instagram: @MarchaParaJesus

Tradução:  Karina Nunes